The Team

We are

Elton Barker (the Open University) – a Classicist (reads ancient Greek), who has stumbled into the murky world of digital humanities after leading a project called Hestia, which explored ancient places in one book (Herodotus’s Histories). Though he doesn’t know his APIs from his URI’s, he knows what he likes, and he likes what he sees.

Leif Isaksen (University of Southampton) – a humanities-IT hybrid, who also worked on Hestia and specialises in computer applications for archaeology and all kinds of spatial analysis. Having also graduated in philosophy, here’s one scholar who knows his Socrates from his javascript.

Eric Kansa (University of California at Berkeley) – lead developer of Open Context, which puts archaeological data on line for free, but, then, he’s that kinda guy. He also teaches at the too-cool-for-skool Berkeley School of Information.

Kate Byrne (Institute of Informatics, Edinburgh) – a researcher in the Language Technology Group at Edinburgh University. She’s been adapting the Edinburgh Geoparser so that it can automatically find any ancient place in any digital text, which is quite an achievement if you think about it.

Nick Rabinowitz (independent consultant) – the visualisation expert. Nick produced a Herodotus NarrativeMap for the HESTIA project, but with GapViz he has taken visualising a book to a completely different level. Reading has suddenly become a whole lot sexier.

Enrico Daga (The Open University) – project officer at the Knowledge Media Institute, where he specialises in bringing Linked Open Data goodness into Semantic Web development. As Mr Open, he’s in charge of maintaining and evolving the openness and connectivity of the OU’s archived data, including open educational resources (


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